Loading Dock Seal Energy Savings Calculator™

LODEM Seal Energy Calculator Instructions
  1. Choose whether your loading docks currently have "No Seals" or have "Worn Seals"
  2. Enter data for Loading Dock Parameters (note all measurements should be entered in inches)
  3. Enter data for location. Typical energy rates are pre-populated. If you know your rates and they are different you can override that data
    1. Enter setpoints for cooling and heating (what the thermostats are set at, summer and winter); cooling setpoint must be higher than heating setpoint.
    2. Select the type of cooling and heating systems
  4. Enter your name, email, and phone, and press "Submit"
  5. Estimated annual energy savings will be displayed. Individual results will vary.
  6. Contact any of the LODEM members listed to learn more.
User Provided Input
Loading Dock Parameters
The Loading Dock currently has
  • No Seals
  • Worn Seals
Location Parameters
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This is an estimate. A properly designed dock seal can achieve up to 90% efficiency, while a dock shelter can achieve up to 70% efficiency. Refer to a LODEM member company -- your loading dock expert -- for more information.

The Loading Dock Seal Energy Savings CalculatorTM was generated by a 3rd party ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) member.

This Loading Dock Seal Energy Savings CalculatorTM is provided as a service of the Loading Dock Equipment Manufacturers (“LODEM”), an Industry Group of MHI.  It was developed by LODEM for informational purposes only.  It is not an endorsement or advertisement for any specific product or service offered by LODEM of any of its member companies.  Further, although LODEM and its members used all due skill and expertise when creating the Energy Savings CalculatorTM, it is based on averages and other standard measurements that may not directly correspond to the user’s specific situation and/or needs.  Actual results may vary.  As such, neither LODEM, MHI, nor any of its member companies make any warranty, promise, or other inducement arising out of or incident to the use of this Energy Savings CalculatorTM.  For comprehensive and specific information about potential energy savings at your facility, contact one of the LODEM members listed on this website.